Monday, September 7, 2009

The Olde Pink House/ Fellini's Pizza

Vic and I attended a wedding party in Savannah at a place called the Olde Pink House. I had the most fantastic (hands down) meal that I have ever eaten. I ordered Lamb that is seen in the picture above. It was cooked to perfection. The exterior was crusty while the inside was very pink and tender. It was served with mashed potatoes and asparagus and a light sauce. It was a very simple but extremely delicious. As most of you know, I usually don't eat meat other than chicken, but on occasion I will order meat to switch things up. It was the best decision I ever made and I ate the entire thing until I was at the low point of chewing on the bone (not lying). Vic was shocked and so proud that I became so barbaric. I think he saw my fangs and we had a twilight moment. No he did not ask me to bite him at the dinner table...that came later.
On our return from Savannah Mr. A decided that he must have Fellini's pizza. I of course, could care less about pizza but when we pulled into the parking lot and stepped out of the truck, the smell washed over me and I was "taken". We decided upon exiting the vehicle, that we should sit out under the full moon and gaze into each others eyes (all you haters can kiss it, I love him). I took a photo of his pizza which had a sweet and very delicious red sauce. I only tried the sauce. I am a freak about tomatoes, Love Em. I ordered the salad which is rather boring so no photos, sorry. I enjoyed it immensely. It had a milky/melty mozzarella on top of it that complimented my pineapple and creamy Italian dressing. We ate so well over the course of our weekend trip that we both got sick :( Gluttony is what I think they call it. I believe it is considered a sin.

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