Sunday, August 30, 2009


My g/f V is really into the this whole handmade thing. So I started looking into it a little more and well...I am rather impressed. She turned me on to a website where you can buy all kinds of handmade things. Some of the items that are posted are reasonably priced, others are not but the quality of a handmade product is substantially greater than the things you would purchase at Target (for example). Follow the link below to artfire.

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  1. There really is so much awesome handmade stuff out there. . . jewelry, clothes ,bags, toys, bath and body stuff, art, etc. Like you said, prices can vary but while some things are more expensive than what you buy at the mall, I think for the most part, it's money well spent. There is a story behind every handmade item! Anyways, I guess I am biased ;) When I get a minute, I am going to blog about a new handmade "eye candy" site I came across! Hold on to your wallet.