Friday, August 21, 2009

Props to my talented pals.

Ok...must give props to my girl V. She started her own blog and little girls clothing line which led me to do my blog. Please visit her blog spot to find funky little duds for the girlies. She has also added bags, wallets, and little hair thingies. I dig it big time. On the same note I have added a photo of Vic's sister's line called K-lina. So many talented folks. Makes my head spin a little. I wanted to support them and I want you to join me.

Vanessa's sweet

Thursday, August 20, 2009

hello guys and gals.

My name is Brookelyn (aka..BK, Twinkie, Barbie, Brookie, Taterbug). I decided to start blogging because things are poppin in Brookelyn Land and I wanted to share these moments with my pals and other interested readers. I am a writer (sorta) at least that is what I was doing for a living before the tragedy of the economy fell on my head and left me out on my butt in the rain. Ok that's a little dramatic, but for real..this has been quite an adventure. I spend most of my day with a crazy dog named Duchess..but we call her Bitch because we can. She is a maniac. She was abused and my b/f rescued her so she really has her moments. I will try to document those moments as we go along. My boyfriend is fantastic and he has been a real trooper through this difficult time, so kudos to my number one man. Love ya.

I plan to touch on a variety of topics within this blog, it will be an amalgamation of ideas and thoughts and hopefully enjoyable to read. I am trying to bring a few of my friends on board to post with me because they are wicked talented. We will discuss fashion, coffee, crazy ass dog(s), food, music, and a variety of other topics once my co-writers jump on board.

I will discuss my ( I am a foodie of sorts) and I LOVE to bake. Fashion, because two of my very close friends have their own clothing lines and I am pretty sure I will be dabbling in it myself. Last, but not least, the bitch. Cause we have a love/ hate relationship and those are always fun. :)

I chose Taking Brookelyn as the title of my blog because the things that I write about are things or people who have "taken" me or captured my attention and moved me. I want to share those things with you cause your life and my life can be a wild adventure. I will post as often as I can, so check in on a reg.