Friday, April 9, 2010

Ebbys (aka Babies).

Look at the wee baby clothes. I don't know how people afford the little ones.

The start of my affair with the closet.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Bloggy Fantasticness

My favorite food blog (foodgawker) has two sister blogs called weddinggawker and craftgawker..or dear goodness. I starting looking at craftgawker today and I found these artists!
Oh Hello Friend.
Search it, love it!

Dear Anthropologie...

Why must you be so expensive?

Krispy Kreme Dream.

For all you lovers of KK this is for you!! My b/f and his friends will go out of their way to hit up this joint! Fortunately for them, there is a KK near that makes them fresh. So you can get a hot little D with the icing just dripping off. I prefer one with a big Chug (well at least I used to). I got this photograph from a blog- Piewacket.

Future Foodie Onesie Giveaway!

Find it at!

Artist Showcase: Nina Christopher

Nina and I attended high school out in the Valley. No, not in Cali (we wish). A little bitty dot on the map in Alabama. I have been keeping an eye on Nina's work and I like her style. I have chosen some of my favorites as seen above. The two in the center are her personal photos, but those are always my favorite kind. To see more you can visit her on her website or on facebook (NAC Photography).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


and super size it...actually... don't. I know you all wonder how I scored my own McDreamy. I wonder that sometimes myself. That darn show really kills me when my McDreamy is out of town. I want to walk away, I just can't. I have watched the same episodes over and over. It has cast a spell on me. His character reminds me so much of my better half- sweet but tough. Just like Meredith Grey, I don't deserve my Mickey D, but I am thankful! Grrrr!

57th fighter group!

I love it. It is almost directly across the street from my house. They have upscale dining that is out of this world and you can stare out the window at the planes taking off from PDK. It was built 50 ft from the runway!!! (exaggeration, but very close). They also have a small plane that you can hitch a ride on! The patio area is stellar. There are fire pits, planes, and lots of great music! The photo at the top is the wall of heroes, where veterans have signed their name. It has a lot of history and I am so glad they decided to reopen. For more information, please visit their website!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Making the recipe.

I made these and they were sooo freakin Faboosh. Totally worth the incredible mess that I made.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

EASY caramel.

2 cans of sweetened condensed milk
Remove labels from cans. Submerge in water in crock pot. Place on low setting. Wait 8 hours and BAM!
found this on my fav food blog foodgwaker

Just like the commercial..almost

Almost like the Reese's egg commercial (let's get it on) naughty but totally creative. Since Spring is here and so are those little Peeps that my Nanny loves so is a creative way to make a colorful smore!!


My new obsession. I should have never started. There are so many amazing pictures on there. I found most of these on flickr, but my friend Natalie introduced me to the last photographer and I am a big fan.
The first three photos- which are WOW.
The second photo- I do not have a name, but this reminds me of what is going on in Georgia right now..pollen and blooms flying everywhere. Hello allergy season. I missed you (ha).
The last photo-
Faboosh. Go get it.