Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amazing wedding photos.

These photos and more can be found at: .

Caring Bridge

Caring Bridge is a website that follows and documents the progress of patients. Mostly those with cancer or other serious health events. I followed Caring Bridge daily when my friend Melissa was being treated in Houston. Since her family,as well as me, were located in Atlanta, we could visit the website daily to see photographs or information on daily events. This is a free website and I plan to donate the money from my first fundraiser to Caring Bridge. My friend Gwen is a trainer for the young lady above. She has been working with her for quite some time and they have made significant progress. They discovered that Madison had a tumor in 2007, today she is cancer free.

Read her story here: .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dita Von Teese

I love Dita Von Teese. I know she is a wild and naughty woman, but when she dresses like a lady she amazes me everytime. She reminds me of a modern day Marilyn Monroe. She is not a size zero, she has curves. You do not see that as much these days. I can forgive her for hooking up with that freak of nature (Marilyn Manson) and for dancing around naked if she can just show up on a red carpet in one of her amazing dresses with her perfect hair. Do what you do girl!