Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food for thought: You do the dishes.

Speakin of Brooklyn.....ahhhhhh...... Jay-Z(moniker one of many). Forget P Diddy or whatever he calls himself and I will go as far as to say forget Kanye. I think Shawn Carter is a lyrical genius. Keep in mind that this is coming from a white girl that does not know a great deal about hip-hop, but I think I can recognize talented folks. He has always been a favorite of mine. The Dynasty: Roc La Familia featuring Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel was my favorite album. I wore it out. I think I was very disappointed by the Blueprint album which apparently was a "classic" album to some. I honestly didn't dig it. He has collaborated with some of the finest and now successful talents in the world of hip-hop/pop and let's not forget rock (Linkin Park). I was watching his recent video with Rihanna and I was impressed. There was a period of time that he was becoming a questionable rapper (at least in my mind) but it seems that even if he's wrong, he's usually right. So here's to you Hova. Brooklyn, we go hard.

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