Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lesson of the day: Latin Jazz is my Kryptonite

I signed up for dance classes about a week and a half ago. I was so excited about dancing again that I gave 150% of my energy to my first class therefore causing injury. I strained my hip and one day while I was attempting to sit Indian style, my hip locked up and I was in excruciating pain. I had to steer away from high impact workouts for a week!!! Sad but true. Today I felt I was ready to get back in the game. I chose Latin jazz because I am fairly good at shaking my bon-bon or at least I thought I was. They call the beginner courses "discover" so that really new dancers have a class where they can be surrounded by other beginners, unfortunately I did not know that the experienced dancers like to take beginners classes for shits and giggles. Much to my dismay, I was the absolute worst dancer in the class, surrounded by a sea of veteran dancers who blew me away. It was the longest hour ever. Somehow, I kept a smile on face for the duration of the class and then promptly exited while staring at the floor. I want to do hip-hop next but after being disgraced in Latin Jazz...I feel very intimidated. I may work up the nerve by next week. Cross your fingers.

Food for thought: You do the dishes.

Speakin of Brooklyn.....ahhhhhh...... Jay-Z(moniker one of many). Forget P Diddy or whatever he calls himself and I will go as far as to say forget Kanye. I think Shawn Carter is a lyrical genius. Keep in mind that this is coming from a white girl that does not know a great deal about hip-hop, but I think I can recognize talented folks. He has always been a favorite of mine. The Dynasty: Roc La Familia featuring Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel was my favorite album. I wore it out. I think I was very disappointed by the Blueprint album which apparently was a "classic" album to some. I honestly didn't dig it. He has collaborated with some of the finest and now successful talents in the world of hip-hop/pop and let's not forget rock (Linkin Park). I was watching his recent video with Rihanna and I was impressed. There was a period of time that he was becoming a questionable rapper (at least in my mind) but it seems that even if he's wrong, he's usually right. So here's to you Hova. Brooklyn, we go hard.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

It was a convenient coincidence that my better half owned several Brooklyn shirts before I came along. Maybe it was a sign (wink ,wink). Here he is before our evening walk with the Duchess. I think he reps Brooklyn pretty well and he prefers no sleep til Brookelyn. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Artist Showcase: Richard Marsh Jr.

Richard has been my friend for many years now and I have always been impressed with his writing and him in general. I think his enigmatic personality makes his writing even more attractive because I never know his intended audience and maybe he doesn't either. He is a wonderful father to the handsome young man in the image above. J is proof that Richie makes beautiful things no matter what he does. May I present the writing of Mr. Marsh. Warning: this piece contains profanity.
"If God was present, and it wasn't my birthday nor Christmas, would the gifts bestowed have any real reason to be given? "
The heavy silver metal rested at a small, circular point on my forehead. It was gleaming with the innocence of a misguided function, like watching a child play with a butcher knife for the first time. From the point of personal contact the gleam extended up a barrel, past the chrome plated trigger, and into a hand robed in a white glove. The white glove was amazingly clean, as clean as what you'd imagine an angel would wear to a dinner party, or one of Jay-z's private party. I wondered, "how could my death, or anyone one else's for that matter, come from a vessel that only has a purpose of function, that's being held by an angel's colour?" The thought made me smirk. That smirk got me smacked down to the floor by the sliver 45.
"The fuck is funny?" "This shit's amusing? Do I fucking amuse you?" The two people tied down and restrained in opposite ends of the room both gasped and screamed. It was as though the pain my cheek bone had then experienced surged through their veins at that very moment. It's funny how being in the middle, only a few feet from those you want to protect, can feel so far from them that you can't remember what it was to actually touch them.
"So what's your answer?" What's it gonna be?" "It's all up to you for now?" "But don't fucking waste my time!" "Someone here's gonna die....and they're gonna die by your choice."
Dazed, dripping, maybe from blood or sweat, and completely at odds, I tried to regain control of the mind that was once mine, but at this moment was in the hands of the hand of the white glove. "Someone has to die. Ok, if I die, but I have a son, people who depend on me, responsibilities, and..." my thoughts were instantly separated from my body with a kick in the chest with a white, steel-toed boot.
"The fuck are you doing!" Without so much a moment of hesitation, he turned to his left and shot one the tied observes in the thigh. "Does that help your concentration?!" "No, I said calmly."
Evidently my response was unnerving to him, cause he darted down to the floor and lifted me to a seated position. Gripping my neck so tightly that the act of breathing now was being controlled by that angelic white glove, he held my head even and steady. "Look at the funny man now," he said as he put the 45 against my eye. "I'm willing to bet you that right about now you're seeing God huh?"
I don't know how to describe what had happened. Maybe I realized that we three would soon die, not so much because of the choices I was going to make, but because of things already decided, acted upon, and reacted to from my past. But, after a couple of seconds of swallowing blood, and focusing my eye on the face of the man who held function with an angelic grip I said,"Nah, all I see is that no matter what I've done, who I've hurt, and how I've lived, we all are gonna have blood on our hands. The only difference between you and I is that I don't, and won't ever try to hide my evils behind the white."
I can't say that God was there when life had failed me, nor can I say that God has taken favour on any of those who have had times too rough to write about. But I can say that, no matter your past, no matter your obstacle, no matter how difficult or insufferable your vision may see your circumstances may see things, you are given a life that you should live as best as you can. You will falter, learn to laugh it off. You will be hurt, learn to cry through it. You will triumph, learn to share it. But always live knowing that nobody, angels, people, fate, nor function wears gloves that are white their whole lives through.

Adventures with the Bitch: Story one.

Blindsided in the park.

Duchess (aka the bitch) has been cast to the side recently due to our home renovations. I use to get up every morning and have a cup of Joe and then take her for a jog/run round the hood. Since we have had strangers in the house and she is a complete psycho, she has spent many days at doggie daycare. Her breed in particular (, are very loyal dogs and need to be near their owners. If not, they start acting out and being foolish which really ticks me off. It is literally the nearest thing to having a child. So yesterday I decided to take her out for our daily jaunt, twice. The second time, we left the house and the temperature outside was amazing. It was approximately 6 or 6:30 when we departed. We took the opposite route from the morning walk because I get bored with the scenery.

We stepped out around the corner and headed toward the nice little park area in our neighborhood. We were just going to circle the park and then head down the side street. I must note that the Bitch is very leash aggressive because she was abused before my boyfriend rescued her. With that being said, we take the turn around the park and there stands a medium size dog without a leash. Immediately, I stop to get her under control. The other dogs ears were down in a playful "I'm just hanging out" manner. So I wait a few more minutes and then I see a very large dog, also without a collar, rushing down the hill. I'm in panic mode and the hair on the Bitch's back is standing straight up. Oh NO! I see the owner who is completely unaware of what is about to transpire, coming down the hill, football in hand. The large dog sees the Bitch and realizes that she has already assumed the "I'm gonna rip you into shreds" mode and he starts to charge. The medium size then follows cause obviously that is what is required of him. At this point, I had to let the Bitch go because she would have bitten me if I would have gotten in the way of her rage. Both dogs jump D simultaneously and start biting and clawing and all kinds of craziness. I am standing there dumbfounded and the other owner is trying to pull the dogs off of D. I was also astounded that my little fierce Bitch is cowering under the massive dog that has begun HUMPING her. I think she was a bit shocked herself. She ran to me after that were finished molesting and biting her. NEWS REPORT: no real was basically play fighting on crack. I brought her home immediately to check for wounds and they didn't even break the skin. Proof that my dog is completely psycho, she was jumping around in the house and standing at the door to go back outside and play fight some more. Crazy Biotch.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A memorable encounter.

People surprise me. Everyday. Sometimes good, others bad. This one I actually enjoyed. Now, let me set the stage...the Walmart that I frequent in my area has some interesting clientele. Most of them are Hispanic and barely speak an entire sentence in English, the others are overworked and underpaid career individuals who are always in a hurry! It's those encounters that make me think that I may actually be blessed to be out of work at the moment so I can reflect on the kind of person I want to be going forward. Thank you crazy people for teaching me something without even being aware.

So the story begins, I am actually enjoying my visit to Wally world (rare) and I am waiting in line behind a couple who is obviously using food stamps and needs to separate their items according to what they can purchase with the card and what they need to actually pay cash for. I am looking at the lady at the register and feel pity for Ms. Regina because I was in her line before when something similar occured. As I look ahead, most likely looking exasperated, the lady behind me (staring at my Vitamin water) says, "do you know that Vitamin Water is just New York water?" At this point I have no idea where this conversation is going I say "why no I did not." We carried on discussing our love for NY and a few other comments on random topics. When I reached the cashier, I said "Regina does this happen to you all day long?" The same situation happened the last time I was in your line. She laughed and the Vitamin Water lady behind me said "the last time I was here I got into an altercation!!" Regina says "I remember that, you were in my line!!" How ironic? So Vitamin water lady said that the gentlemen that she fought with elbowed her so hard in the line that she was bruised the next day. By this time the entire line is involved in our convo saying things like "girl, you gotta be careful people are crazy" or " he could have killed you". As everyone is expressing their disbelief, shock, and horror, Vitamin water lady says I must say "he was very hot". Everyone's face is now in an "O" shape. Did she really just say that? I asked" Did you tell him that?" She said, and I quote, "you are a very handsome man but I am sure you beat your wife!" Needless to say she required a security escort to her vehicle after the incident. I was so amused that I drove home and started banging this story out. Enjoy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Olde Pink House/ Fellini's Pizza

Vic and I attended a wedding party in Savannah at a place called the Olde Pink House. I had the most fantastic (hands down) meal that I have ever eaten. I ordered Lamb that is seen in the picture above. It was cooked to perfection. The exterior was crusty while the inside was very pink and tender. It was served with mashed potatoes and asparagus and a light sauce. It was a very simple but extremely delicious. As most of you know, I usually don't eat meat other than chicken, but on occasion I will order meat to switch things up. It was the best decision I ever made and I ate the entire thing until I was at the low point of chewing on the bone (not lying). Vic was shocked and so proud that I became so barbaric. I think he saw my fangs and we had a twilight moment. No he did not ask me to bite him at the dinner table...that came later.
On our return from Savannah Mr. A decided that he must have Fellini's pizza. I of course, could care less about pizza but when we pulled into the parking lot and stepped out of the truck, the smell washed over me and I was "taken". We decided upon exiting the vehicle, that we should sit out under the full moon and gaze into each others eyes (all you haters can kiss it, I love him). I took a photo of his pizza which had a sweet and very delicious red sauce. I only tried the sauce. I am a freak about tomatoes, Love Em. I ordered the salad which is rather boring so no photos, sorry. I enjoyed it immensely. It had a milky/melty mozzarella on top of it that complimented my pineapple and creamy Italian dressing. We ate so well over the course of our weekend trip that we both got sick :( Gluttony is what I think they call it. I believe it is considered a sin.