Monday, March 1, 2010

Marlow's Tavern

I know many of you probably already know about Marlow's Tavern here in Atlanta. There are multiple locations. I was introduced to Marlow's many years ago when I visited the restaurant in Vinings. I used to go there for live music and enjoy this amazing dish- hummus. I have been obsessed with it since day one. I do believe it is one of my favorite dishes. Maybe I should go on Food Network to that show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". I think this qualifies. The pita comes out warm and so soft. The hummus has a perfect texture but just a fair is heavy with garlic so don't eat it on date night.

Lindsey Hinkle

This is a photograph of my long time friend Lindsey Hinkle. She is a musician, and a darn good one I might add. Although I do not follow Lindsey to all her shows, I check in on her stuff from time to time. I have always been amazed by her talent. She will be here in Atlanta playing at Smith's Olde bar March 20. Please come out and check her out!!