Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Next test kitchen.

This should be fun!! Chicken and waffles is next on the test kitchen menu. The combination of hot and sweet should be "killer" as Guy would say.

Mountain wedding.

Victor's friends got married this past weekend in Hiawassee, GA. We all stayed in this lovely lodge there and enjoyed the festivities around the lodge. The wedding itself was outdoors by the water. It was very simple, but elegant. The are a very fortunate couple because it had been pouring rain all day leading up to the wedding. Then, as the hour approached, the sky cleared and the sun burst through the clouds. It was like witnessing a miracle. Guess they were meant to be. Without a doubt.

NYC Summer 2010

We visited NYC once again for the summer show. I have developed a sick obsession with finding the coolest food out there so I spent most of this trip searching for the best of the best (my standards of course). I knew before we left that I wanted to go to Centrico, this is Aaron Sanchez's restaurant featuring traditional Latin American food. It was more that amazing and it has become a new favorite for us. The queso fundido photo came from there. For lunch, I had to visit my fav soup and sandwich shop known as Pret A Manger. I got lentil soup and a falafel sandwich. It is pictured above as well. We naturally had to visit our first favorite place, Havana Cuban restaurant where I got a vegan entree of stuffed red peppers with tostones. I took a photo of Schnipper's because it was featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. I am not a big sloppy joe fan and neither is Victor. We did visit the Shake Shack though (also featured on FN) and we discovered that they have the most amazing potato buns. I did not like my mushroom in my vegan burger so I ate the bun alone and was completely satisfied. For real. Last, but not least, the photo above in the train station is my proof that Victor put us on a train to Queens instead of Ground Zero. That is most of our trip in a nutshell.

Our very own Barbie doll.

well technically, she is not mine, but let's just pretend. This is my sister's daughter Kylie. She came to visit us one weekend and I learned that parenting is totally exhausting, but she is a total sweetheart so I hung in there for the duration of her visit. I learned that she is a cookie monster and that she loves my teddy, which is officially HER teddy now.