Thursday, April 22, 2010


Don't deny the pull.

The monkey biz.

Bad monkey.

Republican hellcat.

I had a very disturbing conversation with a childhood friend that is very liberal. Initially the conversation was cheery, then it turned to this.

you know theres much better things to do with your time then help a party thats slowly dying. however, since these words will probably roll right off of you like water rolling off a ducks back, I will leave them to their fate, and offer you - since you are on old friend and politically active for the dragon party is better than being an asshole who doesn't take any responsibility for the world around them - some help. if you have any questions or are having a structural problem of any sort, feel free to call.
p.s. I will truly try to leave all the condescension in this msg and out of any future conversation.:)

I never dreamed that things would turn out this way. The name calling and the overall verbal abuse. I know that he and I see eye to eye on many subjects so what does it matter if I am on the right or the left. Not to mention, this is someone that I spent the most of my life being friends with. I am understanding via Victor's campaign, that no matter which side you stand on, someone is always gonna hate. I think I heard the ding of a boxing bell, guess it's time to fight.

The fight.

Man against nature. I am sure all of you global warming enthusiast will enjoy the symbolism in this picture.

Catchy cards.

To make you laugh or go AWWWWW! courtesy of craftgawker.