Thursday, September 10, 2009

A memorable encounter.

People surprise me. Everyday. Sometimes good, others bad. This one I actually enjoyed. Now, let me set the stage...the Walmart that I frequent in my area has some interesting clientele. Most of them are Hispanic and barely speak an entire sentence in English, the others are overworked and underpaid career individuals who are always in a hurry! It's those encounters that make me think that I may actually be blessed to be out of work at the moment so I can reflect on the kind of person I want to be going forward. Thank you crazy people for teaching me something without even being aware.

So the story begins, I am actually enjoying my visit to Wally world (rare) and I am waiting in line behind a couple who is obviously using food stamps and needs to separate their items according to what they can purchase with the card and what they need to actually pay cash for. I am looking at the lady at the register and feel pity for Ms. Regina because I was in her line before when something similar occured. As I look ahead, most likely looking exasperated, the lady behind me (staring at my Vitamin water) says, "do you know that Vitamin Water is just New York water?" At this point I have no idea where this conversation is going I say "why no I did not." We carried on discussing our love for NY and a few other comments on random topics. When I reached the cashier, I said "Regina does this happen to you all day long?" The same situation happened the last time I was in your line. She laughed and the Vitamin Water lady behind me said "the last time I was here I got into an altercation!!" Regina says "I remember that, you were in my line!!" How ironic? So Vitamin water lady said that the gentlemen that she fought with elbowed her so hard in the line that she was bruised the next day. By this time the entire line is involved in our convo saying things like "girl, you gotta be careful people are crazy" or " he could have killed you". As everyone is expressing their disbelief, shock, and horror, Vitamin water lady says I must say "he was very hot". Everyone's face is now in an "O" shape. Did she really just say that? I asked" Did you tell him that?" She said, and I quote, "you are a very handsome man but I am sure you beat your wife!" Needless to say she required a security escort to her vehicle after the incident. I was so amused that I drove home and started banging this story out. Enjoy.

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