Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh Jackie.

My style icon. Jackie Kennedy. She was classy and magnificent if I say so myself. If I had the funds to have someone make my wardrobe, it would mirror hers. That would be a dream come true.

Nature is my pal.

I enjoy hiking and this particular mountain and I go way back. It kicks my rear every time. If you have never visited Kennesaw Mountain in the fall, then you should make plans to do it soon. It is so lovely and perfect right now.

LBG in the house.

Don't lie. You can't live without this bag. I can see it in your eyes. Lucky for you, I know where to get it.

You, Me, and Politics.

I stated before that I was gonna touch on the subject of politics. I personally am not going to share with you because I am still learning myself. My better half has taken it upon himself to teach may be a little one sided but he knows I am smart enough to make my own decisions. He is very strongly opposed to our current president and I hear about it daily. So until he can sit his busy self down to write for you, I thought I would post this photo in his honor. More to come. It should be good.

Go Dawgs.

Both kinds. Go Georgia Bulldogs!! Also, you can see a Cocker Spaniel at the top that I called my son for quite a while. He was my little baby. I loved him dearly. Don't fret, he is with his Dad..well sorta. :) Look at that face. It totally screams "LOVE ME"!

That time of year.

Halloween, punkins, chili, and kiddies in costumes. The perfect time of year. My little ladybug up there is a future Gap model. Keep your eyes peeled. Vic and I were total rockstars: P!nk and Carey Hart..we were a total hit. Last but not least, I LOVE chili. It is so hearty, filling, and warm. You really can't ask for more when it's cold outside,except maybe some apple cider.

Sail away, sail away....

The upside to being unemployed (there are few), is that you can take advantage of random things that come up when other people can't. Such as ...your g'mom calling you up and saying " I have points that need to be used for a cruise, but you have to take it in the next three days". Ummm...ok. So Vic and I along with three of his friends went to Miami and caught a boat to the Bahamas. It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. Lots of eating and gambling and hangin around on a boat wasn't my cup of tea, but it was amazing considering it was free. I had to experience it at least once.


I found this recipe on foodgawker and I have made it twice already. I think it has become my favorite because it looks and tastes amazing and only requires minimal effort.

brownie mix
reese's pb cups.

I have been sharing them with everyone and they are a crowd pleaser.