Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Doc is in.

This is a picture of Dr. Pepper cake. I think it is a spin on the classic Coke cake like my grandmother used to make. It looks heavenly, but then again everything chocolate is good for me. To get the recipe please visit:!

Make Life Pretty

Encountering some hard times has made me realize a few things about myself personally. Since I am constantly faced with the phrase "in this economic climate" and "health care reform" and "budget cuts are preventing us from hiring right now", I have found solace in my artistic side. This blog has been one of the many outcomes of self discovery. I thought this particular picture portrayed exactly what I feel at this moment. Life can be ugly, but let's make life pretty however we can. I got this picture from one of my favorite blogs-Piewacket.

Papaya! Has done it again.

I saw this at the NYC gift show and I wanted to buy it so badly. I think it is beyond hilarious! Plus I throw around that derogatory word to my pals a little often than I should. I think this can make you giggle for many reasons. Enjoy!