Friday, September 11, 2009

Adventures with the Bitch: Story one.

Blindsided in the park.

Duchess (aka the bitch) has been cast to the side recently due to our home renovations. I use to get up every morning and have a cup of Joe and then take her for a jog/run round the hood. Since we have had strangers in the house and she is a complete psycho, she has spent many days at doggie daycare. Her breed in particular (, are very loyal dogs and need to be near their owners. If not, they start acting out and being foolish which really ticks me off. It is literally the nearest thing to having a child. So yesterday I decided to take her out for our daily jaunt, twice. The second time, we left the house and the temperature outside was amazing. It was approximately 6 or 6:30 when we departed. We took the opposite route from the morning walk because I get bored with the scenery.

We stepped out around the corner and headed toward the nice little park area in our neighborhood. We were just going to circle the park and then head down the side street. I must note that the Bitch is very leash aggressive because she was abused before my boyfriend rescued her. With that being said, we take the turn around the park and there stands a medium size dog without a leash. Immediately, I stop to get her under control. The other dogs ears were down in a playful "I'm just hanging out" manner. So I wait a few more minutes and then I see a very large dog, also without a collar, rushing down the hill. I'm in panic mode and the hair on the Bitch's back is standing straight up. Oh NO! I see the owner who is completely unaware of what is about to transpire, coming down the hill, football in hand. The large dog sees the Bitch and realizes that she has already assumed the "I'm gonna rip you into shreds" mode and he starts to charge. The medium size then follows cause obviously that is what is required of him. At this point, I had to let the Bitch go because she would have bitten me if I would have gotten in the way of her rage. Both dogs jump D simultaneously and start biting and clawing and all kinds of craziness. I am standing there dumbfounded and the other owner is trying to pull the dogs off of D. I was also astounded that my little fierce Bitch is cowering under the massive dog that has begun HUMPING her. I think she was a bit shocked herself. She ran to me after that were finished molesting and biting her. NEWS REPORT: no real was basically play fighting on crack. I brought her home immediately to check for wounds and they didn't even break the skin. Proof that my dog is completely psycho, she was jumping around in the house and standing at the door to go back outside and play fight some more. Crazy Biotch.

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