Monday, January 3, 2011


The holidays came and went in a blur. All I really remember is planning for it, saving for it, then it was over. Sadly, I was glad to see the tree come down and all the decor making its way to the attic.  We had a busy holiday season this year. Victor and I went to Denver to visit my Dad for Thanksgiving. That required some planning and a lot of travel. It was totally worth it though. Victor got to hit the slopes and I got to go explore. After Thanksgiving was over, we had a slew of holiday parties to attend and lots of shopping. We searched for the best deals, which actually took some of the fun out of buying (at least it did for me). In the end, everyone was pleased with their Christmas gifts, so the effort was not a waste. Now it is January 3rd and we have just returned from the North Georgia mountains where we ate way too much and acted like a bunch of bums. I think that was the best way to end a crazy holiday season. Happy New Year!