Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boone, NC

We decided to take a short and sweet trip for New Year's this year. It was our (Vic and I) first New Year's together:) We joined our pals Roger and Lisa to take a road trip to NC to do a little snow skiing. Lisa and I prefer not to ski, so we tubed then had a girl's day all to ourselves. We had our New Year's traditional dinner at a place called Reid's. I am officially obsessed. The pictures above are from our trip.
Ps. we made a friend along the way.

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  1. i've never thought to have pork chops for new yrs! i guess the standard tradition over all the US is just to eat pork. in PA, the locals had sauerkraut and brats. they totally had no idea that southerners did not eat that for new yrs! i tried to educate them about hog jowl. of course they have no idea what greens or even black eyed peas are. it was so fun to teach and learn about food. anyway, i'm kind of tired of hog jowl after 30 yrs. so i think you've inspired me to do pork chops next yr.