Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adventures with the Bitch: Story two

My poor little Duchess has been cooped up in the house or at doggy day care for nearly two weeks due to rain and home remodeling. The sun finally poked through the dark, ugly clouds today so I took her to this super awesome trail down the road. My boyfriend and I noticed one day that there was a paved and lit walkway under a bridge near our house. He checked it out the other day and reported to me that I needed to see it. He was right, I loved it. I took Duch there this morning and the trail runs into some softball/tee ball/baseball fields at the end. I took her inside the fence and locked the gate and she tore out, leaving nothing but mud and dirt in my face. I decided to run inside the fence as well and when I came around to the opposite side of the field there was a lovely little turtle. I affectionately refer to him as "Mr. Turtle". When Duch saw what I was playing with she immediately tried to pin it down and dig Mr. Turtle out of his shell. I took him away to safe place outside of the fence, but the amusing part of this story is that every time we reached that side of the field, Duch and I stopped to check on Mr. Turtle. She would stop before I did every time and sniff at the gate to locate Mr. Turtle. I am sure he has meandered his way back into the woods but I got a quick photo of him which is located above. He was pretty fly for a Testudine.

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