Friday, June 24, 2011

Cost of Living's High and Going Up!

Everything to know about me is written on this page
The number you can reach me, my social, and my age
Yes, I served in the army, it's where I learned to shoot
18 months in the desert, pouring sand out of my boots
No, I've never been convicted of a crime
I could start this job at anytime
I got a strong back steel toes, I rarely call in sick
A good truck, what I don't know, I catch on real quick
I work weekends, if I have to, nights and holidays
Give you 40 and then some, what ever it takes
Three dollars and change at the pump

Cost of living's high and going up

I put Robert down as a reference,e he's known me all my life
We attend the same church, he introduced me to my wife
Gave my last job everything, before it headed south
Took the shoes off of my children's feet, and the food out of their mouths
Yesterday. My folks offered to help.
But their barely getting by themselves.
I'm sure a hundred others have applied
Rumor has it, you're only taken five
 I got a strong back and steel toes. I'm handy with a wrench
Nothing I can't drive, Nothing I can't fix
I work sun up to sun down, ain't too proud sweep the floor
The bank has started calling and the wolves are at the my door
Three dollars and change at the pump

The cost of living's high, and going up.

Ronnie Dunn

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