Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hillbilly "ashtray".

What you see may not seem real but believe me, it is. Vic and I went to McDonough, GA to visit a place called Buckners. At this place, they serve food on a Lazy Susan (?) on a circle table that the whole family can gather around. They serve the norm, fried chicken, green beans, cornbread, and PEACH COBBLER. Yum. After leaving the fine dining experience, Vic and I stopped for gas at a local gas station. We were standing in line to get "lotto" tickets when Vic taps me on the shoulder and reveals something astonishing.... A Spit Cup...made to fit in your drink holder in your vehicle. I screamed out're sh!*'n me right? No it was true, someone actually created, and is selling spit cups. So for all of you hard core dippers and chewers...stop by the gas station near Buckners and your prayers will be answered.

1 comment:

  1. Such a dirty, nasty habit!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suppose having a cup/container designated for it avoids someone accidentally drinking from a 'spit' cup. I have heard plenty of horror stories. . . .